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Powerline SPD

Combicontroller SPD

Combicontroller SPD

Approx. Rs 1,500 / Piece

We are one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of the optimum quality of Incoming Power Lines To The Object. The offered incoming power lines to the object is used in the lighting protection zone. We have been able to take and complete bulk demands, owing to our large scale production capacity and spacious warehousing unit.


Other Details:

Technical Specifications:
Type PIVM12,5-275/3 1 Vseries
Max. continuous operating voltageUC 275 V AC
Lightning impulse current (10/350)Iimp 12,5 kA
Impulse current (10/350) N/PEIimp 50 kA
Nominal impulse discharge current (8/20)In 20 kA
Voltage protection levelUp < 1,2 kV
Max. back-up fuseMax. back-up fuse
Article number16054

Since it is impossible to prevent voltage surges from either entering a building or from occurring inside a building, surge protection was invented. The function of the surge protector is to stop (or at least limit) the effects of less-than-perfect power quality on solid-state electronic devices.
Surge protective devices (SPDs) reduce and divert transient voltage levels. SPDs were formerly known as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS).
Surge protective devices are designed to reduce potentially damaging short-duration transients present on:

Additional Information:

Type 1 / Class I / Class B Surge Arrester

Type 1 / Class I / Class B Surge Arrester

Approx. Rs 4,000 / Piece(s)

A spark gap is a device which is capable of passing the IEC Class I test consisting of a 10/350 waveform impulse of unrealistically high peak current, charge, and specific energy.

Traditional spark gap devices have been around for many years, and are used as lightning protection by electric utilities for high voltage applications (primary side of the transformer). Traditional spark gaps, sometimes called air gaps, are simply a gap of air separated by two electrodes.

When a high enough voltage (difference in potential) occurs between the two electrodes, the air gap sparks over and creates a short circuit for current to flow. One reason arc gap technology has historically not been used on the secondary side of the transformer is because of the difficulty in extinguishing the arc. The arc, once created by the impulse voltage is sustained as “follow on” current, AC current that flows through the arc plasma. Effectively the arc appears as a short circuit across the AC mains. This results in a short circuit on the system that will trip upstream circuit protection devices therefore limiting the reliability of the system.

More recently LV spark gap arresters have appeared on the market with a number of useful features. The first and most important feature is the construction of arc chutes which allow the arc to extinguish. Other manufacturers have different arrangements to aid in extinguishing the arc.

Spark gap diverter have very high surge ratings and based upon the premise that bigger must be better they should be the answer to all surge protection problems. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Spark gap diverter originated in Germany where the emphasis is on cheap domestic protectors. The largest MOV based protectors typically available from the European manufacturers is 40kA. So something inexpensive was needed which had a high surge rating. The situation in the US and Australia is different. These countries have developed high energy MOV based surge diverter and the use of spark gaps has been almost unknown.

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